Welcome to Hydroviron Qualifications

Hydroviron are a nationally recognised centre for the delivery of QCF Qualifications in Water Treatment. The Qualifications are competence based and driven by national occupational standards developed by the water treatment industry. The Qualifications are delivered by formally qualified assessors, with broad water treatment occupational experience, in line with strict, government regulated quality procedures.

In addition, Hydroviron are a nationally approved centre for the training and professional development of individuals working within the water treatment industry. All knowledge training provided is mapped to the units of assessment for the Water Treatment Qualifications, enabling ease of knowledge transfer to any current or future qualification assessment.

Our expertise in the industry has enabled us to develop a flexible assessment and knowledge training delivery offer, designed to compliment your current and future training needs. The availability of our modular training model, own offices training and bespoke training give you extensive flexibility in your staff training and development programmes.

Our Trainers and Assessors are highly experienced professionals and the qualification and training options we provide are extensive and relevant to today's working practices. All delivered within a robust, externally and continuously audited quality and management system.