Field Staff Competence Auditing 

Service delivery and competence are a combination of experience, skill, knowledge and the application of all of these. For most job roles in the water treatment industry the only way to assess this application is on site, completing a real work task.

For the Qualifications in Water Treatment, Hydroviron qualified assessors observe the candidate on site completing a work task in accordance with the company operating procedures and confirm their competence to complete the task involved. This evaluation can be completed for any Service Provider employee as an external audit of competence, whether they are completing a qualification or not, and used to support your company’s proof of service delivery quality.

As part of your company’s quality procedures, and for Legionella Control Association registration, you may consider annual external auditing of your field staff competence. Hydroviron can complete this for you utilising our qualified assessors within the accredited scope of our Qualification Centre recognition.

For employees completing a Qualification in Water Treatment, annual external auditing will provide independent confirmation of continued competent application of the skills and knowledge obtained.